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Adonias Low

Next Chapter, 2021

Adonias Low

"Adonias Low and his superhuman ability to track, kill, and survive, will grab you by the collar and shake you until your skull shatters."

Book Odyssey

"It’s as if someone took the energy and volatility of an urban crime setting, or a one-man Bronson Death Wish vibe, and pulled it back into a Western era, then wove folklore and horror into the fabric."

Cheryl MM's Book Blog

"I grew up in the still-wild regions of the western US. I know these stories and the tough people they bred. Watson has captured their grit in his prose and plot. This is a remarkable attempt to preserve the Western genre."

Becca McCulloch at

Murder, robbery, kidnapping. Welcome to Napa Valley, California, 1895.

To lawmen and bad men alike, The Low Man is a ghost story. The most feared bounty hunter to ever walk the territories. Whispered to be an Apache shapeshifter, a renegade Pinkerton detective, or the Bible quoting son of a mad preacher. No one really knows for sure. He’s a spectre outlaws scare each other with round campfires.

Adonias Lowe lives in the highlands of Napa Valley with his children, scratching a hard living as a farmer and occasional wagon guard. When a wealthy gin baron hires him to see a valuable shipment safely to San Francisco, the opportunity comes just in time to keep the family afloat. But when the job turns into a massacre and his daughter is abducted by a deviant killer, Adonias is forced into a violent reckoning that will awaken a darkness he’s long tried to bury.


As the bodycount grows, a dying sheriff tries to make sense of the madness, scalphunters saddle up and ride for blood, fame and riches, and the local Wailaki are coming down from the hills, singing war songs of the Lost White Brother.

Welcome to Napa Valley, California. Where fruit grows thick on the vine, and blood runs deep.

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