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Wild Wolf Publishing, 2015

The Wolves of Langabhat

"An accomplished, terrifying novel that doesn’t disappoint."

Snakebite Horror

"An exhilarating, wild, violent read that will undoubtedly thrill anyone looking for some pulpy lycanthropic action."


"Ambitious and spectacular."

Undiscovered Scotland

1014 AD
The terror of the Viking raids is a fading memory for the people on the Isle of Lewis, and the once dreaded Northmen have now begun settling on the island, living in peace with the natives. But when the settlement of Eanach is attacked and burned to ashes in the dead of night, the slaughter heralds the arrival of a terrible new threat on the island. Something far worse than the sea raiders of years past.

2014 AD
Five old friends come to Lewis for alcohol, the Celtic music festival, and a spot of canoeing. Cal's stag is the perfect way for them to reunite, and comes as a welcome distraction for Ian, the troubled musician tormented by his own twisted existence. As a giant hill dweller with murder on his mind stalks the group, something very strange is happening out at the ancient Calanais Standing Stones, and an inhuman horror from the distant past begins to stir.

Something is howling in the dark of night.


The Wolves of Langabhat have risen.

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