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New Devilry

Newly divorced and old before his time, a bored accountant seeks to rekindle the passions of his youth in the wilderness of Alaska. Running Wild Tours promises nine days of kayaking, camping, whale watching, and only the slight possibility of being eaten by bears. The apocalypse is definitely not listed in the itinerary.

The annual Halloween office party at Lamplight Electrical Supplies always throws up an alcohol related scandal or two, and the Witches Brew punch bowl and magic show provided by the new guy in the admin team has the night off to a flyer. Then the murders start. And the cannibalism.

In a remote glen in the Scottish Highlands, close to a lonely loch known and feared by the locals, a policeman finds an abandoned car containing three shotguns, a rucksack stuffed with cash, and a mobile phone. On the mobile is a video confession describing a bank heist gone horribly wrong, and the terrifying consequences for the robbers.

Featuring green eyed monsters, flesh eating luchadores, malevolent squirrels and evil Christmas decorations, New Devilry is D.A. Watson’s second mixed bag of fiction in all its guises, a compendium of comedy and carnage where chills and chuckles collide.

Next Chapter, 2023

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