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Having worked in the past as a nightwatchman, punk drummer, customer service rep, publishing intern, chef, composer, barman, dishwasher and video editor, D.A. Watson was halfway through a degree at the University of Glasgow and ambitiously planning on next becoming a music teacher, when he met Writer in Residence Louise Welsh, and asked if she'd take a look at a half finished novel he'd been occasionally dicking around with for the past ten years.


Intrigued by this half baked splatterpunk tale of drugs, cannibalism and teenage hijinks, the respected writer saw something in the story, and encouraged Watson to finish the book, and so it was he unleashed his debut novel In the Devil's Name on an unsuspecting public in the summer of 2012. Encouraged, a not a little baffled by the high praise the novel received from readers and critics, Watson's plans of a stable career in education were left firmly in the dust, and he later gained his masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Stirling. He then went on to publish three more novels and a collection of short fiction and poetry; Tales of the What the Fuck.


His stories, poems and articles have appeared in several anthologies and collections, and have won gongs and acclaim from Greenock to Dunedin, including  nominations for a Pushcart Prize in the US and the UK People's Book Prize. At the Burnsfest festival in 2018, Watson appeared on the main stage as the warm up act for the one and only Chesney Hawkes, a personal milestone and career highlight.


He lives with his family on the west coast of Scotland and is still telling stories.


Photograph by Cinders de Leeuw

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