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In the Devil's Name

"Watson knows his genre and he’s not afraid to subvert it. Readers, on the other hand, will be very, very afraid."

Louise Welsh, Bestselling author of The Plague Times trilogy

"The action never lets up. A fast paced romp, with a huge side salad of blood, guts and dismemberment."

Ginger Nuts of Horror

"An exceptional and accomplished novel. Wholly original and utterly terrifying. Blood is spilt, friendships tested beyond their limits and body parts fly whilst the story performs corkscrew twists without letting up the pace for a millisecond."

Snakebite Horror

Some of the locals in Ballantrae still tell tales about haunted Bennane Head, the cliffs just up the coast where mythical mass murderer and cannibal Sawney Beane is said to have dwelt with his inbred family during the seventeenth century. Never walk past there at night, they say, or heaven help you. Just a ghost story to give the tourists a thrill.

Phil, Griff, Sam and Cairnsey are local boys who enjoy a smoke, a beer and the occasional tab of mind bending acid, and celebrating the end of high school with some trips and a night’s camping at Bennane Head sounds like a high old time.


But when their drug fuelled revelry descends into a nightmarish fight for their sanity and survival, those who make it through the night will know that true evil never forgets unpaid debts.

Ringwood Publishing, 2016

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